3 of the Best Hunting Knives

Buying a knife should always suit the needs of its owner. This is why sometimes it becomes really difficult to choose the best hunting knives from all the available options. Below are described three of the best hunting knives that may be fit for you , especially when we talk about high quality blades.


CRKT Onion Skinner


Columbia River Knife and Tool K700KXP Ken Onion Skinner Fixed Razor Edge KnifeColumbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) is a very well-known manufacturer of hunting knives. They have made this special hunting knife for master designer Ken Onion, who defined it as being “the ultimate hunting knife”. Whether this is true or false it only depends to each of us to decide, but one thing is for sure: the Onion Skinner has a lot to say when it comes to quality and durability.


First of all, the knife doesn’t have just any design. Once developed and tested, it has been established that it lasts for more than five years. Onion would create custom prototype knives, ship them to Alaskan hunting guides and only after getting a feedback on what worked and what did not work, he would finish the design of the knife. Although it may be a difficult and demanding process, it’s one of the best methods to ensure quality.

Second of all, these knives are made up only of high quality components. The K110 stainless steel blade with a hollow grind and plain edge along with a hardness rating of 58-60 are only two of the reasons which underline the durability and sharpness of this knife. The blade is 3.75 inches long, which is considered to be perfect for most of the hunters.

Finally, The Onion Skinner proves to be a great asset. Not only is it suitable for skinning, but also for capping cuts as well, making it a must for every skilled hunter. Thus, there is no need for a second knife. When you work in the MSRP on only $89.99, it is not difficult to see why this high quality knife is considered to be one of the best hunting knife values on the market.


The Original Wyoming Knife

Wyoming Knife Stainless Skinner WGut Hook Blade Polymer Handle Plain WKBIGThis knife was specially designed to be used in the field from deer to moose. Its razor sharp gut hook-type blade makes every cutting an easy job, including the skinning and gutting of the animal.

The knife handle is made of an incredibly resistant glass-filled polymer. The user may insert two fingers through the two round holes for a better grip. It also ensures a good control over the sharp blades for an efficient and clean skinning. It also helps in avoiding any self-cuts.

The front of the handle takes the shape of a horseshoe, which is where a surgical steel blade can be found. This blade, the gut hook, is intended for ripping the belly of the animal without causing any damage to the organs.

A second blade which is placed opposite of the gut hook, resembles a bear claw. This extra blade is razor sharp as well and serves in cutting the skin from the body of the animal.

The Original Wyoming Knife was perfectly designed for skinning a deer, and for its value it would be extremely hard to find a more efficient knife. That is why it is rated as one of the best hunting knives, its price ranging between $26.90 and $29.80 depending on the type of case (nylon or leather) that you choose.


Gerber Gator


imagesThe Gerber Gator is one of the most versatile folding hunting knives that come in a variety of configurations. Personally, I prefer the drop point, fine edged model. The drop point ensures an enhanced strength for the blade and a fuller belly for skinning operations. Though most people would go for a partially serrated blade, I like more the plain, fine edge for gutting operations.

The blade length of The Gator is of only 3.76”. It can be secured by the lock back mechanism in the open position. Usually, there is a real concern for the folding knives collapsing onto the hunter’s hand while field dressing an animal. I have used my own Gator a lot since I bought it in the early 1990’s and never had any such problems.

The handle of the knife is covered by a soft rubber grip with an alligator skin-like texture which ensures an easy handling. It also offers a great grip making sure that the hunter will not make any mistakes during the field dressing process.

Being priced at only $29 (MSRP), the Gator can be bought by almost any hunter. It is also equipped with a nylon belt sheath and a lifetime warranty.